picture of board room table setup for a meeting

Directors & Officers

Oversight of the bank is provided by the Board of Directors and Management team. These groups have provided many years of service to First State Bank of Burnet. The experience and continuity of the Board of Directors and Management team is the foundation of the bank. First State Bank of Burnet believes that banking should be a people business, and high quality customer service is the true mission of the bank.
Directors Officers
  • John Moss, Chairman
  • CEO - Cary Johnson, NMLS #514542
  • Cary Johnson, CEO
  • President - Matt Kelley, NMLS #184004
  • Matt Kelley, President
  • Executive Vice President - Sallye Long, NMLS #514543
  • John Robertson, Senior Director
  • Executive Vice President - Joye Bibles
  • Carol Wright
  • Senior Vice President - Nathan Brown, NMLS #514545
  • Ben Farmer
  • Senior Vice President - Mark Few
  • Tyler Robertson
  • Vice President - Sue Ann Parsons, NMLS #1249885
  • Cindy McCarthy
  • Vice President - Cheryl Perry

  • Vice President - Jill Riley, NMLS #1246856

  • Vice President - Victoria Smith

  • Compliance Officer - Deborah Page