picture of female customer holding debit card near card readerperson using a computer

First State Bank of Burnet Debit Cards

Debit cards from First State Bank of Burnet are available through our instant issue program.  First State Bank of Burnet participates in the MasterCard SecureCode Program. 
It works just like a regular ATM card at ATMs: You use it with your PIN to get cash. At stores, restaurants, and other MasterCard® merchants, it works like a check: You present the card to the cashier, sign the receipt or enter your pin number, and your purchase will be deducted right from your checking account. If you use your Debit Card to place a phone order, you just give your card number and expiration date to the catalog or ticket order representative.  There is a limit of $500.00 a day cash and $1500.00 a day for purchases.
You can use your new Debit Card to get cash at ATMs where you see the logos that are on the back of your card. And now you can also use it to shop where you see the MasterCard® logo.
Right! Your Debit Card will be accepted by merchants just like any MasterCard® credit card. But it's not like a credit card because purchases are deducted from your checking account - which means you don't pay interest charges on the things you buy.
Yes. If you shop with a Debit Card, the amount, date and even the name of the place or address where you used it will appear on your statement along with the checks you write and your ATM transactions. Having all of your transactions on one statement helps you keep better track of your spending.
That's completely up to you. Once you see how much more convenient it is to shop with your Debit Card, you will probably use checks less and less.
Simply call us at 512-756-2191 as soon as you realize the card is lost or stolen - we will cancel it immediately and order you a replacement card.
If you need to report a lost or stolen card after business hours call 1-866-985-2273.